by Piotr Lepkowski


Comic 018

Modern Mario? I played some old school platformer games lately. My all time favorite Donkey Kong Country SNES, Super Mario World SNES, New Super Mario Bros DS, Yoshi's Story N64 and I gotta tell ya, those games were hella fun. Sure slightly improved graphics (like the difference between SMW and DKC and between DKC and YS) but all in all game mechanics and simplicity of the characters and the story was great. Those games are timeless because of those aspects, they are just extremely fun to play. I can't imagine for the life of me, playing now or ever again FFVII. Seriously. You played for the graphics and the story of the game. The gameplay itself sucked hairy spider legs. If I wanna see the story I'll watch cutscenes on youtube and read the walkthrough, and the graphics? Well they suck even bigger hairy spider legs. Because it was simple and colorful and fun Mario and Yoshi and Donkey Kong will always be fun and not feel so terribly out of date, those 3D games will ALWAYS look old after a short time. Anyway, I'm glad Mario and Kirby and DK and so many others were created a while ago. Whenever I see those characters I smile and think there are my childhood friends. Wonder how many kids nowadays can say that about Master Chief or Cloud. End of rant. Your very old school, Quikhax

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